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Inflated Balloons

If you've looked at our information chart on helium rentals and come to the realization that you simply don't need to inflate that many balloons, then you may want to purchase them inflated. We do not deliver inflated balloons, but we can sell them to you assuming you have a vehicle that will accommodate your desired amount. Likewise, we can also inflate balloons you have purchased elsewhere. However, if you plan on buying and transporting inflated balloons. please plan accordingly.

Think Float Life

For starters, keep in mind that balloons have a finite lifespan, or "float life." However, as a general rule, latex balloons should not be inflated any earlier than the event date. There are exceptions such as 36" latex balloons, which will still be up from one day to the next (though smaller in size). Alternatively, foil balloons may be inflated days in advance with little to no change as they float longer. As of now, we are closed on weekends. If your event happens to fall on a weekend, as most do, you can have foil balloons inflated the Thursday or Friday before.

Is There Enough Room?

We rarely have customers run into issues with this, but it's worth mentioning. Consider the size of the vehicle you have and whether or not you're comfortable filling it with balloons. Safety is our priority. If you're transporting large inflated letter or number balloons, or even several smaller balloons, the view out of your back window may be obstructed. This isn't necessarily unsafe unless you're missing side view mirrors or other viewing aids. If that's not an issue, then for your convenience, simply ensure the balloons will fit. On rare occasions, customers have had to pick up the balloons in two vehicles or in two trips.


  • When you arrive home or at your event's venue, unload the balloons with only one door open at a time. If two doors are opened at the same time, particularly on opposite sides of the vehicle, the balloons will be sucked out rather quickly. Unless the balloons are tied down inside the vehicle, the balloons will likely be lost in this situation.
  • Weather may play a factor.
  • In a hurry? If you're running on a tight schedule, we can inflate the balloons and have them ready for pickup provided we have received payment in advance. Pay over the phone with a credit card, tell us what time you'll arrive for pickup and we'll have them ready to go. Yes, it's that easy. Otherwise, just come on in and we'll inflate them while you wait. If it's only a few balloons, it won't take too long anyway.

Note: Please remember we are open 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday only. Additionally, Helium Xpress Balloon Wholesale is not a balloon decorating company. However, many of our customers are decorators and we'd be happy to extend a referral if needed.

Written by: Miriam Medellin


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