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What We Do with CO2

You may have noticed "CO 2 " (or carbon dioxide) floating around our website or ads for some time now. And you may have wondered what exactly it's used for. As a restaurant or bar manager, you know that CO 2 is vital to fountain drinks and beer as it is responsible for the carbonation in the beverages. Currently, we supply such businesses and venues with bottled CO 2 only. So if you have a bulk CO 2 system, we're unable to meet your needs at this time. However, if we can help you, please let us know. Why Helium Xpress Balloon Wholesale? Perhaps you're wondering how a helium business got mixed up with CO 2 . It's alright, we sometimes wonder too. As it turns out though, many businesses that use helium and balloons for promotions happen to be restaurants and night clubs. As we began receiving more requests for it, we stepped up to the plate to serve even more of our customers' needs. Of course, there are several large companies that provide CO 2 ,