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A Sleeping Giant by Marshall Peterson

We share a great amount of information with employees and customers alike to ensure safe interaction with the gases and cylinders we sell. The following poem creatively illustrates the potential danger of pressurized gas. Some of you may recognize this as we have it posted in our store, as well as on our website . Though we do not intend to scare anyone away from using helium or the like, it's important to recognize the risks associated with gas under pressure. It commands great care and respect, as you'll see. A Sleeping Giant I am a compressed gas cylinder. I weigh in at 175 pounds with or without gas. I am pressurized at 2,200 pounds per square inch (psi). I have a wall thickness of about ¼ inch. I stand 57 inches tall. I am 9 inches in diameter. I wear a cap when not in use. I wear valves, gauges, and hoses when at work. I wear many colors and bands to tell what tasks I perform. I transform miscellaneous stacks of material into glistening ships and many ot